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On Renting & Bargaining at 15 Central Park West

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15 Union Square West be damned, it's time to get back to the only 15 _____ _____ West that matters: the Upper West Side's limestone Jesus. Closings are in full swing at 15 CPW?the most successful condo building in the long history of the exchange of currency for goods and services?and as such, the flippers are doing their thing. But, for those looking more short-term, what's for rent? According to StreetEasy, nine apartments are currently looking for temporary inhabitants. They top out at the pictures you see above, a $55,000-per-month three-bedroom apartment with some of those those treasured Central Park Views (there's a bigger apartment in the building asking just $52k/month). Can these superfancy apartments be bargained for? One prospective renter of this two-bedroom apartment tried to find out, and his story...

From the StreetEasy discussion board, a thread titled "15 CPW Rental Games:"

Looked at a small 2 bedroom facing park with broker for 25000 per month. Offered 20000 per month (plus fee) and was told that they had people in line for this at full ask and that they has contract signed, but if I offered full ask, I could get the apartment. 3 days later, the so called buyers backed out. Once again I offered 20000 per month for the apartment. I was told that they had another buyer at "full ask" and they were closing that day. I get ANOTHER call from the broker saying that the deal fell thru Again, but if I offer full price, it could be mine. I say no... They say they have another contract signed for full ask. I then look at Street Easy and see they bumped the price to 27000 and its still sitting on the market. Its not that I didnt get it for my price, I felt that I was played the whole time, and that it was just a pump situation, trying to take advantage of us. They did say the owner might sell for 9 million !!!! ( Even though he or she paid 4 Million and closed 3 weeks ago..... NYC real estate is such a turnoff.... and its not even that the prices are so high, its just how your treated so bad.

That's right, try to cut a deal on one of these things and they'll raise the price on you. Needless to say, this anecdote is followed up by some lively discussion on the board. Sample: "He'll BUY that $4MM place at 15 CPW for less than $1MM in 2017!!"
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023