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Rounding Off: Slight Typo on Pier Pointe's Price Point?

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[Image courtesy of the Bay Ridge Rover]
We know this has to be a typo rather than a bona fide PriceChop. Because there's no way these condos at the Pier Pointe in Bay Ridge (nice name) went from starting at $799,000 to $369,000 in two weeks, right? In any case, the signage comes to us from the Bay Ridge Rover who remarks, "Units at Pier Pointe now start @ the rock-bottom, too good to be true, how low can you go price of just a mere $369,000.00. That's an unbelievable savings of 431K!" The development is a re-branding effort of a five-year-old building that's been tweaked for the new marketing effort, hopefully with more quality control than the banner job.
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