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New Development GripeWire: 110 Livingston, 20 Pine, Fifth on the Park

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Yesterday's eviscerating takedown of a new Robert Scarano building in (where else?) Williamsburg seems to have revved up the engines of those who wish to question the progress of the building boom. So, what better activity on a Friday than to give them their soapbox?

1) 110 Livingston: Two Trees' sold-out conversion of the old Board of Education office building in Downtown Brooklyn made some headlines when a buyer sued the developers for misrepresenting square-footage, and now another Livingstoner has some fairly serious accusations:

We residents of 110 Livingston are going to have to go after Walentas AGAIN. First we were lied to about our square footage when we bought, then the construction workers that were here steal from us (you get a little upset). Then it just gets better when the Heating & Air system was not working forever!!! And gosh forbid you turn on your water. You never know what your going to get HOT or COLD. Speaking of water, now it seems many in the building have MOLD yes I didn't exaggerate MOLD. Probably from all the FLOODS that have occurred in the building. Not to say I'm not glad about something I can finally use my intercom every once in a while. Who knows when I will be able to use it all the time. WE PAID ENOUGH FOR OUR HOMES TO EXPECT BETTER. Would any other 110 Livingston residents care to comment?

2) 20 Pine: We haven't heard much out of the Michael Shvo-marketed luxury condo conversion down in the Financial District since a tipster sent word of stalled progress over the summer. And now: "Being a broker, I hear lots of rumors on a daily basis. But nothing like what I am hearing now about 20 Pine. None are good, but who knows what of any of it are true (out of money, major construction issues, etc etc). Can you guys get the skinny on it? I have anxious buyers, and all are tired of the SHVOing they are getting. This place is beyond being behind."

3) Fifth on the Park: Over at Harlem's 50% sold/slightly lacking in starpower/chick-friendly Fifth on the Park, progress also seems slow: "Though a new floor went up at a pace of about one per 3 or 4 days, it looks like work has stopped at Fifth on the Park (120th St & Fifth Avenue) during the past week or so. Anybody know what's up?" OK, not really a gripe, but any intel would be appreciated.

110 Livingston

110 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201