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East Village Mystery Hotel Remains Mysterious

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Back in the wild and woolly days of summer '07, rumors that a developer was buying up several low-rise buildings on the south side of East 10th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues to "build big" caught our ear. Those rumors picked up some steam when beloved brunch destination Danal packed up and moved to lower Fifth Avenue. Then, blog Jeremiah's Vanishing New York did some recon work, and it appeared that the properties in danger were the bodega on the corner of Fourth Avenue and the old Atlas Barber School/current record shop right next door. Word was the buildings would be razed to make way for a "luxury hotel." We recently took a stroll on the block, and it looks like those buildings are bracing for their fate. However, a stop-work order was issued on the property in November for illegal demolition. Public records show that 80 East 10th Street last traded hands in 1993, so what the heyhey is going on here?
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