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A New Residential Tower & Glam Venetian Piazza in...Newark?

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We don't visit our friends across the Hudson River very often, but when they trot out plans for a new 28-story residential building, a "Venetian-style" Piazza and other things, it's time to venture through the tunnel. Yesterday, plans were announced for "a shimmering tower" and "vivid icon" next to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center that would be the first new residential construction in downtown Newark in 40 years. (About two-third of an old downtown office tower that was converted to luxe rentals two years ago is said to be rented.) The $150 million project would be the work of Dranoff Properties. If the tower works--and it needs financing and public subsidies to be built--it would be followed by a hotel, a condo, and "a Venetian-style pedestrian plaza." The latter part of the vision includes, in the words of the Times, "a fanciful pedestrian bridge, inspired by the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, that would span the highway that now separates the arts center from the water." (IE, the Passaic River.) Very glam.
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[Photo courtesy of summerofglove/flickr]