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Village's Hot Karl Hotel Has Some Hurdles

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Architect Karl Fischer's design for a big and glassy 16-story hotel on a quiet block of 13th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues has?surprise!?been met with some resistance by neighbors. Apparently, behind 52-54 13th Street is a four-story Federal building that dates back to the 1790s. The Villager reports that the folks who live in the 16-story building right behind it on West 12th Street would like to see the Federal building spared (and save their uptown views in the process), but so far the LPC has remained silent on the matter. The residents may try to buy the property themselves, because the Keystone Group has yet to close on the deal. Also, Keystone filed the hotel plans with the Department of Buildings, but the application hasn't been accepted. Oh, and one more thing: Keystone has not acquired the necessary air rights from the 13th Street Repertory Theater next door, and the owner claims she's not selling. A company should meet certain benchmarks before posting a crazy rendering on its website and sending the neighborhood into a tizzy, no? Actually, wait, then what would we talk about?
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