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Feds Hit Pause Button on City's Admiral's Row Demolition Plan

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The city's plan to tear down ten historic buildings in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and replace them with a grocery store and parking lot has been put on the slow track by a Federal agency. The obscure National Guard Bureau of Cultural Resources is reviewing whether the 150-year-old Admiral's Row buildings can be preserved or should be turned over to the city for a date with wrecking ball. The Brookyn Paper reports that the agency says it will start a series of meetings in March with preservationists, residents and the city. In the meantime, any demolition has been "delayed indefinitely." The head of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp. has already said he doesn't want the property if he can't tear down the buildings. The price tag for rehabbing the Row is about $20 million. A tenants group at one of the adjacent public housing projects says that "Saving historic homes may be significant to some people, but to the people who live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, it is of much less importance."
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