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Burg's Hipster Cinema Ready Online, But Not In Reality

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[Left photo courtesy of INSIJS]

So, here's the (beta) website for the "Cassandra Cinema," the Burg's first movie theater. Burg blogger INSIJS came upon the beta site, which offers a glimpse into a future of indie film glory at the three-screen cinema beneath condos on Metropolitan Avenue. But, wait. What's that? Oh noooo. An old and moldy Stop Work Order for work that doesn't conform to approved plans and hasn't protected the building next door? Rat turds. We hate when that happens. We have faith--strong faith--that this too shall pass and that Metropolitan Avenue condo dwellers will be able to buy their movie tix online and head across the street for the 10PM show of Kamikaze Girls and a vegan chocolate treat by the time all those units are ready for move ins in '09, if not sooner.
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