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Record $46M Co-op Will Soon be Livable

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In an entertaining rundown of some of the year's biggest deals and how they got done (hint: moneymen and dapper brokers are usually involved), the Observer's Max Abelson has some news regarding the top two floors of 1060 Fifth Avenue, the record co-op sale that topped Rupert Murdoch's $44M purchase at 834 Fifth Avenue by a paltry $2 million. The 1060 Fifth Avenue purchase always seemed a bit off, because the co-op board had rejected the current owner's attempt to combine the floors, meaning she was technically living in two separate apartments and using the building's staircase and elevator to travel between them (bonkers floorplan pornage here). But now, hedgefunder Scott Bommer has succeeded in swaying the board to allow him to combine the floors into one fantabulous duplex penthouse. So after another million bucks or so is spent on the renovation, the city's most expensive co-op ever will no longer be kind of annoying. And that, friends, is $46 million well spent.
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834 Fifth Avenue

834 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY