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Roller Rinks & Parking Lots: '08 Coney Opera Opens

It's only fitting that on the second day of 2008, one of the first Brooklyn items concerns the machinations of developer Joe Sitt. Today's Post has two interesting items that speak to the future of the developer's plans for Coney Island. The first, is a follow up on earlier reports that boardwalk entrepreneur Diana Carlin (aka Lola Staar) is opening a roller rink in Coney on "a parking lot." The parking lot isn't identified, but there's a good chance it's land owned by Mr. Sitt's firm, Thor Equities. The other story concerns a parking lot itself, and Mr. Sitt's effort to sell or lease a lot on Bond Street that a contract with the city says he can't sell until April, 2009 without approval. The deal has raised concerns the developer is building a legal war chest to fight the Bloomberg administration's plans to dislodge him from Coney's amusement district. Thor Equities was also a presence at yesterday's Polar Bear swim, acting as a sponsor and handing out towels with the Thor logo to the icy masses. And, it's only the second day of 2008.
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