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Tuesday Townhouse #1: Golden on East 10th

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Hey, it's a new Curbed feature: the Tuesday Townhouse, in which our gaze is turned on new-to-market townhouse listings. Let's kick this thing off with a double dose of multistory goodness; first up, we travel to the Gold Coast.

Coming to you live just inches away from Lower Fifth Avenue, here's a 7,000 square foot townhouse that just hit the market. Currently configured as an owner's triplex with five rental apartments (all free market) and two medical offices—the broker sees you remaking this place as a single-family residence with "7 bedrooms, a swimming pool and every conceivable amenity imaginable." So a bit of a fixer-upper of sorts—fun! It's priced just a hair shy of $14 million—a teeny premium on the $7.5 million it traded for in summer 2006, to be sure.

[top right photo courtesy Property Shark]