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Development Du Jour: 1st & First

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Location: 62 East 1st Street, East Village
Size: Seven floors, 10 units
Prices: $960,000 to $2.1 million
Architect: NF Architectural Designs/Frank Trulio RA/ERM Architecture
Developer: Racanelli Construction Co.
Sales & Marketing: Halstead
Lowdown: This small development missed out on a plum tagline. A tipster directs us to Wikipedia's summary of the Seinfeld episode "The Maid," which reads, "When Kramer is lost downtown, he explains to Jerry that he is on the corner of '1st and 1st. The Nexus of the Universe.'" The nexus of the universe! That's certainly more gripping than the "1st and First is the perfect start to your day, to your evening, to your life" you'll find in the listings. Still, the sales effort is going more than fine. According to Halstead's Jane Greenberg, only one apartment is left after nine weeks?a two-bedroom duplex with 1,200 feet of outdoor space. What's the rush? Do buyers think living here will nab them a brunch table at Prune more quickly? Fact: it won't.