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Gowanus is Now Officially, Really Fashionable

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We never thought we'd live to see the day when we would put Womens Wear Daily and Gowanus in the same sentence, yet here we are. WWD does, in fact, weigh in with a long article declaring Gowanus, uh, fashionable:

this South Brooklyn neighborhood, a sprawling grid of industrial warehouses and factories incongruously situated between the million-dollar brownstones of Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, with the 20-foot-deep Gowanus Canal ribboning through it, is emerging as an artists' — and artisans' — haven in a borough where rent by the square foot continues to skyrocket. The story uses the Old American Can Factory building on Third Avenue, where more than 200 designers and artists work, as its jumping off point for reviewing the art and fashion-related operations in the neighborhood and mentions the new shared Gowanus Studio Space. (The fashion designers are not to be confused with the guy making knives in Gowanus or the one building bicycles.) It also touches on the gentrification and rezoning themes stalking many of the artists and small manufacturers in the neighborhood:

many other local artists and designers are apprehensive about the eerily quiet streets becoming a thoroughfare for sleek glass shops. In fact, several people interviewed for this article cited the invasion of boutiques from Club Monaco to Balenciaga in formerly artist-heavy neighborhoods like SoHo and Chelsea as the precise sort of gentrification they hope to avoid.Speaking of upscaling, the story notes that Whole Foods still says they're "very excited" about opening a store in Gowanus.
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