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Matzo Madness: Holdouts & Grain Removal at 475 Kent

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The weekend mass eviction from 475 Kent, ostensibly over a host of fire code violations, not to mention the illegal matzo factory in the basement, has continued to generate some cries from inside the building, where there were holdouts as of late last night. Residents have until today to get their stuff out. One of the holdouts said by email last night that "i have a feeling this will be the last night i ever spend here. it just feels that way. creepy as hell around here right now." A lot of the tenants, some of whom had been living in the lofts at 475 Kent for more than a decade, tried to watch the Giants game on Sunday night before being rousted by the NYPD and FDNY. ("I'm cooking dinner and the damn NFC championship game is on..." one email from inside said.) In any case, as of late last night, there's a 475 Kent Message Board for the displaced. The latest update is that "a truck is coming to clean the grain tomorrow" and that once fire code violations are fixed (two weeks to two months) the building can only be used for commercial purposes. No word on the impact of the 475 Kent mass eviction on the illegal matzo or loft markets.
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[Photo courtesy of Rheingold Room/flickr]