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Ask Curbed: When is My Super Going Above and Beyond?

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The matter of holiday tipping is well-worn territory, but the area of compensating handymen is grayer than Sean Connery's mustache. A new co-op resident writes:

What's the handyman's job? I just moved into a co-op. How much work can I expect the building handyman to do in my apartment without paying extra? In my previous rental, I just expected the super to make repairs as a matter of course, only tipping at the holidays. But do I slip the handyman a $5 (or $10 or $20) if he comes up to fix the blinds in an apartment I own? What if it's part of the building he's fixing--say, my radiator or toilet? Does that make a difference?

We always say it's a good idea to throw him some extra ducats if the matter involves more than just appliances that receive running water, but what say you, co-op experts? Advice in the comments, svp.
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