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Kips Bay Trades in Vampire Lawyers for Swimming Lessons

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We don't really pay much attention to the happenings at Waterside Plaza?those four huge '70s-era towers overlooking the East River in Kips Bay?because, to be honest, they're a little scary. In a mental institution kind of way. But the Mitchell Lama housing project turned fancy rental complex seems to have undergone a facelift recently, according to this fun e-mail we received:

Look at - for the last few years these guys relentlessly pursued young professionals who could pay their luxury-rents-for-not quite-luxury-housing, and now suddenly they come out with a new site with a video touting "families," practically a garlic and cross to 27 year old lawyer/vampires, in my estimation. I looked at this site last summer and it was filled with stock pictures of young professionals, now suddenly its a warm and fuzzy "community" for families, UN folks, and Bedpan alley.

My sister is a NYU dental student who moved in last year. She has no particular beef with the place, but she tells me there are more than a few annoyed lawyers and wall street types who moved in thinking they were getting Chelsea style spa-like luxe housing. She has been hearing rumors that rents aren't going up at all for renewals. Sounds to me like an abrupt re-branding in response to rising vacancies (which I think is the story for all of midtown south.)

Folks, the proof is in the pool. Watch out for yellow clouds while doing those laps! Now, if they would only change the name to Waterslide Plaza, then we'd be talking a family paradise.
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