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Historic Dumbo Building to Have a New Growth Spurt?

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It looks like landmarked 10 Jay Street in Dumbo is going to be putting on some height. Dumbo NYC reports that the Department of Buildings has just approved plans for a five-story "vertical extension" to the nine-story building. The structure is at the end of Jay Street on the East River and is known for the raves and parties that were thrown on the top floor, circa 2001-2004. The original theory was that the owner was building cabanas on top, but it turns out they were doing prep work for the five-story "extension." The landmarked 1897 building was originally an Arbuckle Brothers coffee building and later became a sugar refinery factory. DOB also slapped a Stop Work Order on the property yesterday after complaints of falling debris. It's not known whether it's all a prelude to making 10 Jay a residential building.
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