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Queens Courthouse Gets Facade Job, Shops and Apartments

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We go to Jamaica this morning to check in on the ongoing conversion of the old Queens Family Court into a retail center with condo. The $194 million project is coming from the Dermot Company, which will have 55,000 square feet of retail and will eventually get a 12-story residential building added to the back. The old 75,000 square foot building is described in today's Times as having "an ornate Italian Renaissance-style facade" but as suffering from being "sloppily renovated inside and paired with a nondescript annex building in 1966." Well, no worries, because the facade will be all that's left of the building. Back in the fall, Queens Crap dubbed it "Downtown Jamaica's Court of Crap" and said it looked like "the building ran into the glass menagerie and came out the other side." The Crapper added this in November: "Jamaica's architectural marvel has been tossed to the side to make room for more plain and boring glass and steel."
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