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Is a Britishized Battery Maritime Building Better?

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Last week, the latest design for a hotel addition to the landmark Battery Maritime Building was unveiled. It represented a slight design departure from the initial proposal, but it was still big, boxy and made of glass (see: top left). Over on the Wired New York boards, the gang is a little bummed about the prospect of plopping a glass box on top of a treasured landmark, but they're also resigned to the fact that it's probably going to happen. But how to improve on the Rogers Marvel Architects design? Well, one Wiredling has a pretty interesting idea: a curved glass design like that of London's Kew Gardens. One quick foray into PhotoShop later, and boom, a new-look new-look Battery Maritime Building is born (top right). Can it be that something slapped together in five minutes by an amateur looks better than one of them professional dealies? Eh, we'll leave that for the Landmarks Preservation Commission to decide.
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Battery Maritime Building

11 South Street, New York, NY