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Dr. Atkins Death Trap Going Hotel

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The six-story building at 152 East 55th Street has a history that's nearly as odd as its outer-space look. The aluminum wonder is the former home of the Atkins Diet empire, and is in fact where Dr. Atkins had his deadly slip-and-fall. In 2004, Madonna helped buy the building for $5 million for a Kabbalah center, but the group flipped it last year for $9.3 million. The new owner is Brazilian restaurant kingpin Alfredo Pedro (Note: that may be the best name ever), and the Observer's Eliot Brown reports that Pedro is converting the building into a 29-room hotel in time for a fall opening. And the weird building will get slightly more weird in the process: two stories will be added, and a "screenlike façade similar to the New York Times building" will be slapped on the front. Oh great, now we'll have to deal with falling icicles as well? How much deadlier can this place get?
· Only in New York! Former Atkins HQ, Madonna-Backed Kabbalah Hub to Become Boutique Hotel [NYO]

[Photo via PropertyShark]