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Matzo Madness Update: 475 Kent Tenants Out of Luck for Now

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There is still confusion at 475 Kent, the site of the cold mass eviction on Sunday because of the illegal matzo factory in the basement and various fire and building code violations. Yesterday, residents waited outside in vain to be able to go back into the building to get their things (what could be carried, at least). One of them called it a "total fucking clusterfuck" and said, "i have never seen such piss poor organization or execution in my life." Meanwhile, Council Member David Yassky actually posted an update on the situation from the city at the new 475 Kent website. The news is not good. Residents will be probably be allowed back in tomorrow once the three tons of "explosive grain" stored in the basement for the illegal matzo factory are removed. After that, there won't be any occupancy allowed "until extensive modifications are made to the building to make it safe and habitable." Commercial use of the building will be allowed once the violations are fixed, but before tenants can return to live "filing, by owner, for conversion to a residential building status will be necessary." Looks like a long haul ahead in South Williamsburg.
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[Photo courtesy of jaredswafford/flickr]