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Canal Street: Perfect for Picnics

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Some acronym-loving folks went too far when naming this soon-to-be-a-park on the north edge of Tribeca. They've dubbed this one CaVaLa Park, which sounds more like a new Italian designer or some tropical island rather than a grimy little triangle smack dab in the middle of Canal, Varick and Laight Streets. But that intersection is now one of the fastest changing places in all of NYC. From every angle it's buildings coming down, and new ones rising.

The newly-flattened block on the north side of Canal west of Sixth Avenue.

The entire block across Canal to the north has just come down. So has a big chunk of another block just to the northeast, where a new hotel will rise. To the south is the wall of grim glass at 1 York. And we couldn't forget the nearby we-can't-believe-it's-still-a-hole McSam hotel (although forgetting it is exactly what we'd like to do). Nevertheless, the bid on this park site has been awarded to the mysterious crew from Atlas Roloff. Construction on the half-acre plot is set to begin this spring. The park will include a "new sculpture and fountain within the central seating area, with new fencing, fountain, plantings, benches, and respite from this busy and congested area." It should be ready for picnickers sometime late in 2009. Let's just hope it's not too late.

The view from the site to the north many years ago, and in the near future.

Looking south towards the CaVaLa site from Grand Street and Sixth Avenue.

Ye Olde Canal, before it became a street.

The CaVaLa Park plan, complete with faux-canal.
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