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Burg's Hipster Parking Lot & Purple Truck Doomed?

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We were alarmed when the email titled "Oh No! Poor Purple 53!" landed in our inbox along with the photo of drilling apparatus next the purple bread truck in the Burg's favorite hipster parking lot. Those who follow such things might recall that the occupants of "Purple 53" have been living living in the the truck in the parking lot for more than a year. The email reports "three drill rigs in the bread truck's front yard this morning, corner of bedford and n12th. First a stoplight, then investigative augering? Tough times to live in a truck." There aren't any building plans filed for the parking lot (which has an interesting history), although an eight-story building with 34 units is going up on adjacent property on N. 12th Street across from McCarren Park. Tough times, indeed.
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