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Is a 'Not Karl' the 'Last Hope' for Karl Fischer Row?

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For all the work that Hot Karl Fischer has done on the stretch of Bayard Street that we named in honor of his prodigious hotness, there is one tiny lot (plus a building on the corner) that has withstood the Fischer heat. It was the former site of the Beauty Addiction Building, which was the ultimate symbolic holdout, until it came down last year. A reader passed by with a camera the other day and emailed us some shots of the sun streaming through the empty site, writing "It was as if god opened the gates and let all who passed by see the greatness that is the only empty lot left on Karl Fisher Row...I can't wait to see what crappy building goes up on this barren land." Uh, neither can we. The five-story building with nine units that will fill the gap in Karl Fischer Row will be a Not Karl. The architect is listed as Philip Toscano. The building to the right of the gap, The Lotus, is also a Not Karl.
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