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Long Island City Gets a Tall & Skinny New Friend

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We'd call this new Long Island City development?revealed on awesome neighborhood blog liQcity?a finger building, but the truth is this stretch of Jackson Avenue near the Citigroup building is seeing a lot of change, with this Purves, the other Purves and a hotel all on the way. So instead, we'll just call this a sliver building. And what a sliver! Queens, say howdy to Kimaya Lofts, which Corcoran will market and sell for prices starting at $349,000, per the Kimaya website (and once someone moves those cars off the sidewalk). If this building reminds you of Robert Scarano's recently unveiled giant Bowery thing, you're not alone, but we checked The Scar's website and turned up no connection. The liQcity Flickr page has more shots of the current 26-08 Jackson Avenue lot, delightfully described as being "between Dykes Lumber & Mr. Wonton."
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