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Buster's Revenge: Lights on Leonard Causing Nightmares

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The saga of the attempted relocation of rowdy Tribeca sports bar Buster's Garage has become the most vicious battle in all the Triangle. Chased from its original location at West Broadway and Leonard Street to make way for condos, Buster's has been turned away by crusading neighbors wherever they've tried to plant their puke-stained flag. The latest potential Buster's location is The Atalanta building at 25 N Moore Street, where a Community Board 1 subcommittee has already advised the full board to vote against approving the liquor license. The residents' campaign against Buster's includes the support of Buster's old neighbors on Leonard Street, and this has ticked off owner Ross Provenzano, who still owns the actual garage at 24 Leonard (right). How is he getting even? An e-mail circulating through the neighborhood explains:

As you may know already, the owners of the Provenzano garage have again installed flood lights on the back of their 24 Leonard Street building. I'm told they allege this is because they were having trouble with some of their cars but then later they told one of our neighbors it was to "retaliate" against our neighborhood for supporting the Atalanta building and its neighbors through our petitions in their efforts to oppose the new "Buster's" bar in the Atalanta building's commercial space. These lights are an intolerable condition, which keep our bedrooms lit up all night long. Many dozens of young children and of course all of their parents and others have bedrooms facing the alley way these lights now light up and it is negatively impacting people's ability to sleep, etc. No one at 24 Leonard Street has adequately explained the need for this nuisance.

Please encourage your residents to call our City Councilperson, Alan Gerson, at 212-788-7722. Insist that something be done immediately, and that our children's health and welfare are in peril. Then do the same thing with our U.S. Congressman, Jerry Nadler, at 212-367-7350. Say it's a crisis; tell him to visit our homes after dark to see what has happened. Then call Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, 212-788-2993. And don't forget the Community Board, 212-442-5050, and say you want to leave a message for Julie Menin, the Chairwoman. Julie will understand when you say an intolerable condition has developed for our children.The latest is that the community affairs officer from the First Precinct spoke with Ross Provenzano, and he assured the officer that he will not shine the lights again. What devious plan will he work up next? Who knows, but we offer this simple piece of advice: OH MY GOD JUST MOVE THE PLACE TO MURRAY HILL ALREADY!!! Ahem. That is all.
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