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Hip Boozy Park Slope Parents Must Leave Progeny Behind

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A minor controversy has broken out in Park Slope, where popular bi-level bocce ball bar Union Hall has suddenly reversed its policy of granting admittance to the small children that come attached to so many Slopers nowadays. Gowanus Lounge has the details, and apparently the story first broke on the Park Slope Parents list. According to GL:

The word comes via a Union Hall employee that says the bar and popular hangout has been having issues with minors being sent in as bait by the police without ID. They have apparently been threatened with closure if anyone under 21 is found on the premises. (Actually minors are legally okay if they are with a parent or guardian.) Infants are still allowed, but any kids that are old enough to walk are out as are strollers because of "fire codes."Needless to say, a heated discussion on the topic is currently burning up the Brooklynian board, tackling matters such as the appropriateness of bringing children to bars, as well as the nonstop stream of kvetching Park Slope parents. Writes one poster, "Oh please dear god not this conversation."
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