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Downtown Brooklyn Invasion Begins, But Who's Moving?

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The long-heralded transition of Downtown Brooklyn from glorified office park to sleepy little residential neighborhood is finally starting. Bradley Hope reports in the Sun today that the first two weeks of January saw nearly 150 units in DoBro completed and occupied. And because this is Brooklyn and not Manhattan, the units are actually being inhabited by New Yorkers who intend on using them as homes! Hope writes:

The newcomers are a mix of Wall Street bankers attracted by the short commute to Lower Manhattan, families trading in their Brooklyn brownstones for condominiums, and 30-somethings fleeing high Manhattan prices, brokers and new residents said in interviews.This is especially apparent in our old friend BellTel Lofts (right), the converted former Verizon building on Bridge Street. So far, 90% of the buyers are from Brooklyn or Manhattan, and units have been selling for a reasonable $500-$700 per square-foot. But here's something troubling: only 30% of the units have sold, and this thing's been on the market forever. BellTel has been criticized in the past for its numerous windowless bedrooms, so maybe they should just start marketing to the vampires chased out of Kips Bay.
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