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Burg's 'New Domino' to Hit Landmarks Commission

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Yes, the old Domino Sugar plant in Williamsburg was landmarked last year, so now, the developers proposing the massive 'New Domino' project are going to the Landmarks Preservation Commission with changes to the Old Domino. The big main building would get a courtyard for "light and air" on the upper floors. (Retail and "community facilities" go on the lower three floors.) And the part of the building called the Filter House will get a five-story glass addition. The process will start with a presentation to the local community board at the end of the month and a Landmarks Commission hearing on February 5. The project, which would include more than 2,200 new apartments and towers up to 40 stories tall, still has to pass through many land use hoops. Some groups want to save the historic Adant House building, which would be demolished.
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New Domino

Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY