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CurbedWire: Giant Monkey Menaces Grand St., Oro Pied-a-Terre

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SOHO?A special Curbed correspondent files this report, along with the photo above: "The Leaning Tower of Soho's got company. Right next door, the giant inflatable monkey has just touched down. Although it appears to have something to do with this upcoming show at the Deitch Gallery, passersby may want to exercise excessive caution this weekend." Nice monkey. [CurbedWire Staff]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?A reader takes a look at the sales stats for the big Oro Condo on Flatbush Avenue and wonders if it's a "pied-a-terre" for Metrotech, across the street. Of the 240 units, he finds 14 2BRs in contract as well as 44 1BRs and 29 studios. And so, 87 units are listed in contract and 30 are listed as available. About half the building isn't listed at all. Our emailer's observation: "Interestingly, people are buying all the studios and 1 bedroom units and skipping the larger units. If it’s not young people buying the more affordable apartments, then is it just a pied-a-terre place for people at Metrotech? The building may be empty on the weekends. Looks like half the building is studios and 1 bedroom units." They did sell 60 units in 60 days, though. [CurbedWire Inbox]