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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Touched by the Hand of Karl: Half of LIC Power Station Gone (112 Comments)
"Hot Karl and his merry band of vultures could of easily fixed this building up into what they wanted without demolishing the vast majority of it. it would of held up for another 100 years too, but instead, they opt for the same old cheap ass looking crap that will be outdated before it even hits capacity."
2) Checking In: LIC's Fifth Street Lofts Looking Ready to Rock (63 Comments)
"Yes, LIC has some ugly industrial buildings, but it has some good views as well..."
3) Long Island City Gets a Tall & Skinny New Friend (49 Comments)
"Kind of like Godzilla giving god the finger."
4) CurbedWire: Flatbush Terrorism, Rhapsody Approved, Tribeca's Broker Boom (48 Comments)
"the scarf comment is nonsense. went to a preppy college in the '80's and the hippy like boarding school kids had these. went with the Grateful Dead music and the hackie (spelling?) sack. also, the reggae music pot smokers wore scarves like this too."