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Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill Neighborhood Roundup

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It's been a busy week in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, that testy little corner of Brooklyn where residents are up in arms about a number of developments--actual and proposed--in their midst. Here's where some things stand:

1) Downzoning: The push to downzone the neighborhood took some baby steps forward this week. The City Planning Department has agreed to change some arcane zoning regulations that define very narrow streets in the neighborhood as "wide" based on included the big "gardens" that in front of buildings from which the neighborhood got its name. A number of blocks have been defined as broad avenues (and therefore allowed for much taller buildings to be developed) even though they're barely wide enough to accommodate parked cars and one driving. A rally to push a City Council resolution calling for quick action on an overall downzoning is coming next week.

2) 110 Amity Street: The developers of this project that would renovate an building and add new townhouses were slapped down by the Landmarks Preservation Commission a few weeks ago. They've now sent out an email saying they are going back to the drawing board to "re-conceive the project." They say they want love from the community.

3) 340 Court Street: Is there irony in non-union workers removing asbestos from a building named after a Brooklyn tough guy union leader and tossing it down to dumpsters under cover of darkness? Of course, there is.
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340 Court Street

340 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231