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Molto Mario Would Like Less Vegas in His Hudson, Please

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The Hudson River Park Trust's vote on the future of Pier 40 is set for next week, and this is where it stands: The Related Companies' previously-favored Vegas on the Hudson looks dead and the People's Pier proposal is a long-shot at best (flashy renderings aside). This leaves the Pier 40 Partnership?a group of wealthy and well-connected parents who want to preserve the pier's athletic facilities while updating and modernizing the facilities?as the new front runner. But the group isn't resting on its laurels. On Sunday, they'll hold a Rally For The Park at the pier, which will "send a strong community signal to the Trust that a low-impact development, with park-friendly activities, will secure a better neighborhood for all New Yorkers than the construction of a mega-entertainment complex," per the press release. Because speeches are boring, there will also be raffles, live music and free hot chocolate! Not to mention appearances by "neighborhood celebrities including famed chef Mario Batali." Looks like we shouldn't expect a new Batali joint to open in Murdochville anytime soon.
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