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Checking In: EC3 & CB2 at Queens West

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Anyone heading over to the formerly construction-filled streets of Queens West these days is far more likely to be squashed by a moving van or furniture delivery truck than pancaked by a bulldozer. A visit to booming LIC found heavy moving and delivery activity at the Rockrose and East Coast rental buildings that have been completed, and an awful lot of brick applied to the East Coast 3 building that is slated for $1,000+ per square foot condos. Since we visited for a mega-look at East Coast 2, the streets have been repaved and the athletic field looks set to go. And, if they could only get that Amish Market open, everyone would be happy.

A CB2 truck on the prowl, making a drop off.

One of the two big new LIC garages, with moving truck in the background on the right.

East Coast 3, the condo building, now seriously bricked.

The buildings of Queens West from behind.
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