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Park Slope Armory All Dressed Up With No Place to Go

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Park Slope moms that might want to run a few laps on the new state-of-the art track at the newly renovated Slope Armory may have to wait a while longer. The highly-publicized, $16 million redo of the armory is finished, but there's a glitch: the city hasn't found anyone to operate it. Local groups have long described the city's approach to finding someone to run the massive facility as "a setup for failure." Now, the Brooklyn Paper reports that only two firms have submitted bids. The new sports center was originally supposed to be open in 2006 (which is when the project actually got underway) and the deadline for bids from potential operators was extended twice due to lack of interest. One person says "the entire project was approached ass-backwards" and complains the city "hijacked the process from us many years ago and left the community in the dark." Brownstoner took a look inside the facility in December and pronounced it, "looking hot to trot." No word on when the Slopers will be able to hit the track.
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