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Back to the Ballfields: Red Hook Vendors Screwed?

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The Red Hook ballfields have been a pretty cold and empty place since the end of the spring and summer taco vending season, and now, the vendors who are a neighborhood staple say they could be out of luck. The Daily News reports that the Parks Department recently opened the ballfields up for competitive bidding as they'd said they would do. Proposals are due by February 12. The vendors say that even if they win, they could be up the creek because of requirements that they use standardized carts that would cost $15,000-$30,000 per vendor. The vendors worry that brining the operation up to code "will ruin the rustic allure that made the spot popular." Says vendor spokesperson Cesar Fuentes: "In the best case scenario, we will get the contract, but will the people who have come to love us be willing to welcome all the changes in the same way?" Eater chronicled the vendors' struggle with the Health Dept. last year. Stay tuned as Red Hook's most interesting neighborhood drama continues through the beginning of pupusa season.
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