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Meanwhile, in Architectural Abominations

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For those who didn't hear the news (and if you didn't, you're in for quite the surprise), the Moinian Group is changing the address of the Newsweek building at 1775 Broadway to 3 Columbus Circle. Oh, and they're replacing the classic pre-war brick façade with glass. All glass. So much glass! It's all part of a $60 million makeover meant to bring new blood to the office building, which is losing both Newsweek and Comedy Central as tenants. The Moinian Group also launched a website touting the new-look tower, featuring what has to be the most offensively horrid piece of music ever recorded by Enya. Just ... wow. Some renderings after the jump, including the new signature rooftop signage that can be all yours.

The new entrance and lobby.

Terraces and a branding opportunity.

OK, the view ain't bad. Looking at the building, however, is another story.
· 3 Columbus Circle [Official Site]