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New to Market: Sky High at 173 Perry Street

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It's week two of New to Market, our daily look at a new listing with a bonus reader vote. Feedback and nominees to, please.

The provenance of today's listing should be evident just from the photos above, but let's turn it over to our tipster who recommended it: "Check out this apartment that came on the market a few weeks back. It's in the Richard Meier Building, was designed by überfirm Shelton/Mindel, and was in Architectural Digest October 06. I'm thinking that $5.495m for 1 br/1ba and 1800sf sounds kinda high—think the furniture comes with? I'd love to know what other Curbatures have to say about it." For those scoring along at home, that's $3,053 per square foot; and, for comparison sake, here's a $5m apartment at the same address that's been on the market since last spring.

173 Perry Street

173 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014