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Proofreader Wanted at 110 Livingston

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Last week's CurbedWire report of a subway ad campaign for rentals in the allegedly sold-out 110 Livingston?Two Trees Management's pride of Downtown Brooklyn?omitted one crucial point. A special Curbed tipster sends in the above photos and clues us in:

So, LAST weekend I was in the Borough Hall station in Brooklyn and I saw this ad for 110 Livingston. Adding to the ignominy of the poor residents of that building, the Two Trees marketing department has put ads up around the area that were clearly not very well copy-edited. Note the non-nonsensical hilarity that results when one omits the word "to" in the first line of the ad.Well, with a property this hot, there's no time to speak in complete sentences!
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110 Livingston

110 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201