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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Village's New Freak, Boss's Bud Finds Religion, More

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1) See that West 9th Street townhouse over there? Mmm, nice, right? Four floors, 3000+ square feet, great location. Bet you'd love to get your grubby little hands on it. Well TOO BAD! John Leguizamo bought it for $5.7 million. [The Real Deal]

2) Novare?the hippie church turned luxury condo on West 4th Street that we once rebranded?may be adding a guitarist/TV mobster/satellite radio DJ to its list of desecrators. Steven Van Zandt, or Little Steven if you prefer, reportedly has an accepted bid on this three-bedroom penthouse. The asking price is $5.99 million, not including the tithe. [Gimme Shelter/Braden Keil]

3) Middle Trumpling Eric Trump didn't get an insider's deal on the $2 million apartment he just bought in papa's Trump Parc East building on Central Park South, but he did get to take a look at it before it hit the market. [Manhattan Transfers/Max Abelson]

4) Model Veronica Webb has a 4,000-square-foot, four-floor Tribeca palace that is filled with art and trinkets and terraces and blow-up swimming pools. [NYP]