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The Bell Finally Tolls: Move Ins at Burg's North8

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The very first thing we noticed that something big was happening at the North8 Condo on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg was the chandelier hanging in the window. A hipster touch? Unintended irony? Or simply a design element that will be visible to everybody on Kent Ave.? Who knows. After all the drama about delays at North8, the first residents moved into the first major new development on Kent Avenue north of the Williamsburg Bridge this weekend after the third and fourth floors got Temporary Certificates of Occupancy. (Nevermind the fact that significant parts of the building still look like a construction zone.) Will life on once desolate Kent Avenue ever be the same now that it's all grown up?

An actual mover moving actual things into the building.

One of the first residents used Moishe's.

Here's another look at the window with the chandelier which makes a nice counterpoint to the sneakers on the phone wire.

Stuff waiting to be brought up to the new place overlooking Kent Avenue.

In case anyone has forgotten what the building itself look likes.
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