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Solow's East River Waterfront Gets a Pat on the Behind

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It's looking like developer/mad man Sheldon Solow's massive $4 billion East River waterfront project?a mix of residential and commercial highrises on nine acres of land just south of the United Nations?is a go. The city's Planning Commission is expected to give the plan its blessing today, the Sun reports, as long as Solow agrees to some height and density reductions and commits to including affordable housing. Next up, the City Council will have its say, but the council is also expected to approve the project. They may require Solow to make some more concessions in terms of affordable housing, but he's already proven that he'll do whatever it takes to reshape the former Con Ed land. And so, progress at Ground Zero North! In fact, this is the closest progress has come to the UN in some 48 years.
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