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Pier 40 Rally Recap: More Like Cirque du So-Lame!

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As advertised, the Pier 40 Partnership held its Rally For The Park on Sunday, and about 700 people showed up to tell the Hudson River Park Trust that Related's Cirque du Soleil/Vegas on the Hudson plan for the pier is, like, so not cool. Buoying the Pier 40 Partnership's proposal is the Post's report that Bob Kerrey said the New School would pay up to $120 million for facilities at Pier 40. The parent-loaded partnership wants to keep the pier's current athletic fields while upgrading the whole shebang and adding some educational crap. Above, some screengrabs from the rally video on YouTube, featuring a fairly spicy Mario Batali rant against Related's "strip malls and movie theaters" proposal. The board of the Hudson River Park Trust will meet Thursday to figure this whole thing out, maybe.
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