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Take the Hot Karl Challenge

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How much Hot Karl can you handle? We decided to see how many Karl Fischer buildings we could get in one frame and came up with six, although shooting from the vantage point of McCarren Park to get in Karl Fischer Row seriously upped the total. There's actually a seventh Karl site in the photo, but it's not under construction yet, so we didn't include it. There are several other Karl's in the immediate area, including 64 Bayard, which is under construction, and the lovely 525 Union Avenue, that didn't make it into the frame.

1) The Ikon at 50 Bayard Street.
2) The Aurora at 30 Bayard Street.
3) 20 Bayard.
4) 229 N. 8 Street.
5) Roebling Square at 76 Roebling.
6) Warehouse 11, aka The Roebling Oil Building.

Here's another shot below with Building 4-6. The spot marked as 7 is another Hot Karl at N. 9 Street and Roebling coming soon.

[7* is the future site of a Karl; click to expand]
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