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Keeping Carroll Gardens From Being the 'Next Williamsburg'

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There was a rally this morning on the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall to call for fast action on a downzoning of Carroll Gardens and calls for a moratorium on buildings taller than 50 feet while the downzone is in process. One speaker, blogger and City Council candidate Gary Reilly said he wanted to keep Carroll Gardens from "becoming the next Williamsburg." Mr. Reilly also said, "Keep Carroll Gardens/ South Brooklyn SHORT and happy!" A special correspondent noted that the workday crowd included representatives of most groups representing the neighborhood and says that at the end, "drizzle began to fall as buses roared past and onlookers disappeared into the Supreme Court lunch crowds." Last week, the Department of City Planning agreed to redefine some neighborhood streets as narrow, limiting the size of buildings that can be built. The Department of City Planning has now formally committed to a downzoning for the neighborhood, a process that will take 18-24 months under normal circumstances.
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