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All Lower Manhattan Hotel Secrets Revealed!

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Our foray into the bowels of Lower Manhattan is showing no sign of letting up. Today we've already had the 99 Church reveal, the Fulton Street Transit Hub debacle and the slimmed-down Chase tower, and now, a doozy of a document has arrived via the CurbedWire. The Downtown Alliance's press release on 99 Church's upcoming Four Seasons hotel also includes information on 10 under-construction and in-development Lower Manhattan hotels. Some we've heard of before, some we haven't. There's also new information about some of those previously-announced projects. In all, about 1,700 new rooms are planned or proposed, not including the numerous projects farther along in construction or recently opened (Gild Hall, the Smyth,, et al.).

We'll tackle the list after the jump, but here's a headline. On Pearl Street, where the demolition of a row of historic townhouses briefly made worldwide headlines, the Lam Group was believed to be planning a massive 660-room Sheraton. That is partly true. Get this: the 53-story 217 Pearl Street will be made up of two hotels, a Sheraton and an Aloft. Aloft is the new hip W Hotels offshoot, with locations already planned for Downtown Brooklyn and Long Island City. The new Pearl Street megahotel, just down the block from this other crazy thing, will include "a public plaza, covered public pedestrian circulation space, ballrooms, conference facilities, and rooftop bar." Where once Manhattan's foundation as a world financial capital was laid, i-bankers will soon sip $12 cocktails from a glass box hundreds of feet in the air. Isn't that poetic?

Here is the rest of the Downtown Alliance's list of upcoming FiDi hotel, with some added information we've cobbled together:

1) A hotel/condominium at 50 West Street. This one has slipped under our radar, but it's the rendering you see way up at the of this post. Ladies and gentlemen, 63 stories of Mr. Helmut Jahn! This one has condos, too.
2) A 55-story hotel/condominium at 123 Washington Street that will feature meeting rooms, an ancillary spa and fitness center, a high-end restaurant and lounge and a sky lobby. This is the Shvo-marketed W hotel/condo.
3) A 26-story limited service hotel at 124 Water Street with ground floor restaurant. This will have 112 rooms.
4) A 36-story hotel at 99 Washington Street with restaurant and other retail. Planned for 371 rooms.
5) A 39-story hotel at 100 Greenwich Street with meeting rooms, restaurant, spa and fitness center, and subway improvements. Techinically "on hold" according to the Downtown Alliance.
6) A 35-story limited service hotel at 50 Trinity Place, with retail and subway improvements. Another one from developer Metro One Hotel LLC, which is behind most of these projects. We assume that's just code for Sam Chang, because 50 Trinity Place is totally getting McSammed.
7) A 20-story Wyndham Garden hotel at 20 Maiden Lane at Nassau Street.
8) A 42-story luxury full-service hotel at 8 Stone Street, featuring extensive conference space, restaurants, and other amenities. Slated to be a Doubletree.
9) A 39-story hotel at 33 Beekman Street. A brand new Hyatt Place in another hideous McSam package.

There's more. So much more! Check out this PDF if you want the whole scoop, but be warned: you may find yourself leaving chocolates on your pillow and performing origami with your toilet paper if you get through the whole thing.
· Stern's 99 Church Revealed: Four Seasons! Limestone! [Curbed]

Helmut Jahn

50 West Street, New York, NY

99 Washington Street

99 Washington Street, New York, NY 10006

99 Church St

99 Church Street, Manhattan, NY 10007