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Revealed: UES Nabs an Egyptian Goddess

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Development along the planned Second Avenue subway path continues at a blistering pace, and the latest is Alchemy Properties' new condo building at 77th Street, a bit of land previously Rumbling'd to no avail. Broker-blogger Andrew Fine has the scoop on the building, to be called Isis. He writes:

The 19 story boutique condo will be cantilevered on 2 sides, and thanks to the air rights purchased from adjacent lots, it will have light on all 4 sides. The apartments will be "family-sized", mainly 2 and 3 bedrooms, but will also have a couple of "spectacular" 4 bedrooms.Groundbreaking is scheduled for today, and Fine says the units should go for around $1,600/sf starting in the spring. So: YVES, Georgica and now ... Isis. We can't wait for a developer to finally unveil "Fred."
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The Georgica

305 East 85th Street, New York, New York 10028