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Curbed PriceChopper: Greenpoint Waterfront No Longer on Fire?

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Then: $37,000,000
Now: $28,000,000
You save!: $9,000,000
A tipster passed along the listing for this property at 53 Huron Street, a bit north of the torched Greenpoint Terminal Market on the Greenpoint waterfront. The property last sold for $13 million in 2004 and it's a two-story warehouse "which can be delivered vacant upon possession...Incredible views of Manhattan." In other words, the ideal spot for Greenpoint waterfront condos. Even if it sells for the new asking price of $28M after the $9M mega-PriceChop, it would still make for a cool $15M profit on the flip. The property is only a couple of blocks from the Magic Johnson condo on Green Street.
· Greenpoint Clearing Land for Watefront Development [Curbed]