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Stern's 99 Church Revealed: Four Seasons! Limestone!

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[Renderings: dbox]

The webcast quality was a little garbled, so we won't have a good look at the renderings just found renderings online for Robert A.M. Stern's 99 Church Street condo-hotel?to be built on the ashes of the former 11-story Moody's building. Developer Larry Silverstein unleashed all the wild details at the Downtown Alliance's breakfast meeting this morning, and here are the fun ones:

1) The hotel will be operated by Four Seasons. Yes, Lower Manhattan is getting a five-star Four Seasons. With a view of a giant pit. It's the city's second 4S.
2) Robert A.M. Stern is like Gallagher: find something you do well that catches on, and keep doing it forever. In Bob's case, limestone is his watermelon-smashing.
3) At 80 stories when it tops out in 2010, 99 Church will be Manhattan's tallest residential building. There will be 143 condos, including full-floor penthouses.
4) The hotel lobby will be on Barclay Street, and will have four floors of hotel amenities space. The residents' lobby will be at 30 Park Place. A public plaza on the east side of the building will link Park Place and Barclay Street.
5) LEED certified! Larry, you hippie!
6) When Silvertsein was talking about downtown's residential boom, and he said "William Beaver House," it sounded really dirty for some reason.

We've got all the renderings, courtesy of Silverstein Properties, after the jump.

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99 Church St

99 Church Street, Manhattan, NY 10007