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Second Avenue Subway Goes Heavy Metal

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While politicians and the MTA bicker back and forth about whether the 7-train extension on the West Side will have one stop or two, across town the Second Avenue Subway is somewhat quietly humming toward completion, in about 2069 or so. When we checked in over the summer, it looked like not much was going on, but 2nd Ave. Subway blog The Launch Box recently filed an epic photo update on the project, and things are actually happening! Above, have a look at the southwest corner of 94th Street, where a piece of pipe is awaiting its destiny as a segment of brand new sewer main. Also, you'll notice some of the diverse local business establishments that make the Upper East Side so unique. We'll share some more Second Avenue snapshots, but do check out The Launch Box's detailed tour.

The northwest corner of 92nd Street. I-beams? More like high beams!

On 93rd Street, a new sewer main is waiting to be covered. Quite some progress since the summer.

Also on 93rd Street, an Upper East Sider takes some time out of her busy day to marvel at the TRAIN OF TOMORROW. Or carry home some groceries. Whatever.
· December 29, 2007 [The Launch Box]
· Second Avenue Subway Scene: Phase I of Phase I Complete [Curbed]